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Looking for the Best Online Betting Sites in Canada?

We’ll show you where you can get started playing with our detailed guides on how each site works and what makes them unique. We’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about where to place your bets.

Betting Online in Canada, is it Legal?

We have good news for you! Sports betting is legal in Canada. In fact, it’s been legal since the 1990s at a federal level.
You just have to be 19 years old or older to place bets online. However, since June 2021, you can also bet on single-event sports like football and baseball. (And if you live in Ontario, Quebec, or Manitoba, you can even bet on events like golf tournaments.) 

What Betting Sites Are Legal in Canada?


Each province has its own regulations for sports betting—so it depends where you live as to what’s available to bet on and how much money you can wager. We recommend checking out our province guides for more information about the regulations in your area.


Betting Legally in Nova Scotia

Betting Legally in Nova Scotia

In the last few years, Canada has seen the introduction of new legislation that has changed how sports betting is done. Currently, only Ontario allows betting on sports, but it is expected that other provinces will...

Sportsbook Comparison: William Hill vs. Bet365

Sportsbook Comparison: William Hill vs. Bet365

Sportsbooks operate like other businesses and market their services to attract customers. They also try to outdo their competitors by offering innovative betting platforms. In today's article, we compare two popular...

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Is it legal in Canada to bet online?

Gambling on sports is legal in Canada, but regulations differ by province. In most cities, gambling is permitted when associated with state lotteries. However, Ontario is more advanced, and gambling with private bookmakers is legal. As time goes on, laws will likely be modified so that people can freely bet on sports throughout the country.

What is the best online Sportsbook?

Canadian bettors have a number of sportsbooks at their disposal, including Betway, which offers good bonuses and a broad range of betting markets. As for Sports Interaction, it is one of the top-rated eSports books on the market—you can find a review of it in our Sportsbook vs. sportsbook comparison section so that you can choose what suits you best.

Parlay bets?

A Parlay bet is a mix of several outcomes, such as players and team performance, or outcomes from different games. For a Parlay bet to be a success, all of the results must win. If any of them fail, the entire bet will be a loss.

Are sports betting taxable in Canada?

You won’t have to pay taxes on your Canadian sports betting winnings unless you’re a professional bettor. Amateurs who make small-stakes bets from time to time won’t be taxed.

Which sports are available in Canada?

Canada’s sports betting market is vast, and it offers the same major sporting event markets available in most countries. But there is a growing fondness for eSports and UFC. Canadians can bet on hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf, as well as the titles of the most important leagues.