Gambling is popular in Canada, with online or offline games available to Canadians. Regulations and laws vary by province, so you’ll want to check this if you’re starting. In Canada, gambling laws and regulations are subject to the laws of each province and territory. However, most Canadians enjoy playing casino games. You will need to be at least eighteen years of age to gamble online or in person. Essentially, gambling laws are overseen by provincial governments and they vary greatly from place to place. For instance, Alberta allows slot machines at horse racing tracks but not on casino premises. Meanwhile, Ontario has strict rules about what types of games can be played on its land-based casinos with no slots allowed at all! Some provinces allow for more lenient rules when it comes to online gambling; however, Internet gaming sites must still abide by local laws in order to operate legally within their borders. In this article, we will look at how gambling works in Canada. We’ll also examine some of the most common questions people ask about Canadian gambling law.

Gambling History In Canada, Legal Status and Where Can You Play

Gambling was once illegal in Canada, but today the country’s gambling revenue is approximately $14 billion a year. In 1985, provinces and territories were granted the right to oversee these activities.

Canada’s Blind Spot About Online Gambling

Despite the fact that other countries have created laws to fit the digital gaming era, Canada’s stance on online casinos hasn’t been updated since the 1990s. This is why online gambling in Canada is still considered a bit of a grey area. It is illegal for Canadian players to gamble at an online casino site; however, it is legal for offshore sites to operate in Canada. Canadian gambling laws are unclear, but it is known that no license will be granted to any company that operates an online casino. This makes it impossible for Canadians to gamble in an online casino located in their country, so they have no choice but to seek entertainment elsewhere.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gambling: By Canadian Provinces


Quebec has liberal laws when it comes to gambling. People of Quebec can gamble on the Internet, at any of many casinos in the province, or even at a sports betting site that allows only parlay bets, including Espacejeux (an online gaming site run by the government) or one sports betting site that only allows parlaying bets.


In Alberta, residents can choose from 25 land-based casinos and a number of online gaming sites. Residents can bet on sports by placing three or more bets on the same team or individuals, each of which must-win for the whole parlay bet to be considered a winning one.

British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the laxest in terms of gambling laws in Canada. Fifteen land-based casinos operate in the province, but the only Canadian gaming and sports betting site available is PlayNow. This means that BC residents can enjoy online casino games legally in the province.


Ontario is special. With a grand total of 24 casinos and slot machines in the province, it could only mean you have some lenient gambling laws. You can bet on the Pro-Line service or at PlayOLG, government-run. And there’s a variety of offshore sites that will allow you to gamble from the comfort of your home.

New Brunswick

Although land-based gaming halls are allowed in New Brunswick, you won’t likely find any casinos or other venues that offer sports bets. Gambling is a fun way to pass the time with friends, but it’s important to know the rules when you decide to play. In Canada, the legal age to engage in gambling activities is 19, except for in Quebec and Alberta, where you must be 18.

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Despite there being no professional sports franchises in Nunavut, sports betting is still very much a part of the fabric. When the c-218 bill was passed in 2021, Nunavut decided to go with the masses and allow the opportunity for players in their territory to use single game betting legally. Providing you are over the legal age of 18 years old and have the relevant documentation to prove it you are able to sports bet in Nunavut. With a host of sportsbooks available to play at, Nunavut is spoiled for choice and what they lose in live games in person, they make up for in online betting and streaming.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Some of Canada’s provinces and territories have been reluctant to accept the federal government’s offer to allow single-game wagering, but Newfoundland and Labrador is leading the way in this area. The province moved quickly to introduce single-game wagering to its residents, who have taken eagerly to this kind of betting. Some of the best sportsbooks in Canada are available to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, who now can place bets on single games with the passage of Bill C-218.

Prince Edward Island

prince edward island legal betting

prince edward island legal betting

Prince Edward Island joined the rest of Canada in allowing single-game wagering in 2021. The province’s residents can now gamble on sports with provincial lottery organizations and online sportsbooks, which provide flexible and convenient betting options. Betting on individual games has gained popularity throughout Canada since PEI legalized it, and the increased interest has led to more available markets and odds for those who partake.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia residents can’t legally wager online using traditional methods of ProLine, but things may change since the law changed in 2021. Despite this, some sportsbooks still compete for Nova Scotian business and continue to offer fantastic services and markets for those wanting to wager sports bets. The legal age requirement in Nova Scotia is 19 years old so, providing you have the right documentation, you can sign up at most of the sportsbooks available.

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There are sports betting options for Saskatchewan residents, though the options have been limited in the past. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has managed to retain a large portion of players betting with them, much taken in the form of CFL bets. The sportsbooks have a foothold on the marketplace by offering great odds and an enormous number of sports and creative markets.

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