Ecuador battled and scraped through the qualifiers to make it to the showdown in Qatar; they showed the team spirit and hard work, and they managed to beat Peru to the spot by two points. However, this success is tainted with Chile lodging a complaint that could threaten their place at the World Cup. Even so, we shall take a look at the remarkable run Ecuador had to get to where they are now and the numbers that favor them in the betting world.

Ecuador World Cup 2022: Future Betting Odds and Analysis

Ecuador fought tooth and nail to come out on the last available spot in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers, and they did so proudly. The team was part of the qualifying group, which consists of the South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and even Chile, just to name a few. The games are fiercely contested on the South American continent as some of the best talents in the world originate from these national teams. Ecuador’s odds are at +12500 to win the World Cup.

Ecuador World Cup 2022: Moneyline Odds and Analysis

The Moneyline bet in the industry is one of the most straightforward bets one can place; it is picking the winner in a matchup against two teams. In terms of Ecuador, they played 18 games in qualifiers and won 7 of those fixtures, and their win percentage was at 30%. This puts them at a low pick in terms of this market. The reality is in the qualifying group, Argentina and Brazil dominated, but the best of the rest consisted of Uruguay and Chile, the other two teams to qualify. In the World cup, anything can happen, and I’d keep my eye out for this team as upsets are possible.

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Ecuador World Cup 2022: Totals Odds and Analysis

In the totals market, you’ll have to do more than pick out the outright winner in a game; you will be required to predict how many goals will be scored in a particular fixture, which would need more research and better analysis. Ecuador is quite an excellent option for this specific market due to the goals they managed to score and how many they conceded. The over 1.5 goals are where they really shine; with this happening in 80% of their games, in respect to that, you can see why this team would be recognized as a good pick in this market.

Ecuador World Cup 2022: BTTS Odds and Analysis

Another market in which the Ecuadorian team can give value to bettors and a chance to increase their payouts. BTTS is simply picking whether both teams facing off will score goals in the match; both teams score in that fixture. For Ecuador, BTTS occurred in 70% of their matches, and their numbers evidence this; out of 18 games, they won 7, drew five, and lost six games. Making Ecuador a fine pick for this market as well.

Ecuador World Cup 2022: Top Goalscorer Odds and Analysis

Michael Estrada, the DC United forward, was one to shine throughout the qualifiers as he helped his team qualify for the World Cup with six goals and two assists. The player has shown his skill, combined with his technical abilities and power, make for the perfect recipe for a class striker. With the World Cup fast approaching, Estrada will look to continue his fine form well into the tournament.

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