For nearly three decades, The English Premier League has been home to some of the most exciting teams in Europe and, more recently, some of the biggest clubs in modern soccer like Manchester City, Chelsea, or Liverpool.

Overview for: EPL Soccer

The 21/22 season will be one of the most competitive seasons with the return of Ronaldo to Manchester United’s roll of honor, the return of Lukaku to Chelsea, and the most expensive signing of an English player in Manchester City’s history, Jack Grealish. It is undoubtedly one of the most complicated seasons for soccer betting in the English Premier League and one of the most interesting for neutral fans.

English Premier League soccer betting: the favorites

Betting on the winner of the Premier League has shifted since the beginning of the season, taking into account performance and results. Right now, you can find some of the best odds at Bet365. Currently, the top three contenders for the title of champion are:

Manchester City 1.90

Chelsea 3.50

Liverpool 5.00

Manchester United has fallen to an interesting outsider bet of 17.00, despite the return of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. The start of the EPL is traditionally a turbulent part of the season as the 20 clubs try to establish themselves in the league. Currently, Chelsea is at the top of the table, but Manchester City is the big favorite to win the competition. Despite Chelsea’s current position in the league and winning the Champions League last year, Manchester City’s strength seems to play a role in the bookmakers’ predictions. Pep Guardiola’s men have good instincts in front of goal, are ruthless when it comes to winning trophies, and have some of the most expensive players in the English Premier League.

The best times to bet on the Winners’ Cup

Betting at the beginning of the season usually offers the best odds, as clubs still have to break in their new players for 5-10 games. December is a very good time to bet, as the odds for the premier league are not quite as meaningful anymore, but still, provide enough data to make an informed decision on the outcome. Usually, in December, the top clubs begin to separate themselves from the noise of the others, and the race for the title begins to form its participants. Think of the finals of the men’s 100-meter dash: each athlete starts in his or her block, and for the first 30 meters, all the sprinters are in the race. In the second half of the race, the fastest men in the world start their own race, usually with two or three dominant runners competing against each other. The English Premier League is very similar.

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March can be effective for placing bets on the outcome of the premier league, although with more sharp data, usually, the odds would be less generous, meaning this is better for higher stakes bettors.

William Hill: The best live betting provider in Canada

William Hill is is one of our favorites for live betting. The downloadable app on iOS and Android is slick, smooth, and offers most sports, but is particularly keen on the EPL. With fast-paced games in the EPL, William Hill offers a platform where you can fully immerse yourself in the games in possession and attack through digital heat maps. For selected matches, you can also watch the games live and place bets on-screen without having to leave the game to check the odds markets. We’ve found the app to be particularly accurate when it comes to real-time action, comparing it to the game on TV at the same time. With a selection of markets, including interesting bets like betting on penalties, the first goalscorer, and Over / Under 2.5 (1.5; 3.5), William Hill is is one of the best live betting providers in the world. Read review.

Betway: a good option for soccer betting in Canada

Betway is another good option for live betting. It is a global brand and has a seamless app, which uses AI to display the matches on the screen with the live betting markets available. While they don’t show the live games, there are enough data points displayed on the heat maps to give a player some insight into how the game is going. 

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Another point to consider with live betting is the availability of payouts. We call them “sessions” when you are logged into online betting for 90 minutes and want to take the winnings in your wallet. We use these sessions to deal with multiple games at once, so cashouts are very important to us. Line changes in real-time provide opportunities, and so we want to take advantage of the premier league betting opportunities. If we can see the progression of a match with one team in the lead, we can place a bet on that team to win to take advantage of a payout option during the session. Another factor with Betway is that the payout options are limited to certain markets.

Deciding on a Betting Site in Canada

As a rule, most players should open at least 2 to 4 accounts, as there are a variety of markets when betting on the premier league and some providers are better suited for certain types of bets than others. Line changes within these markets can be quicker with some operators than others, and odds, especially opening lines, vary from operator to operator. When considering where to open an account, you should first read our overview pages, where you will find important information about the operators, such as

  • Acceptance of payment methods
  • Withdrawals
  • Market lines
  • Withdrawals
  • Regulations
  • Bonuses
  • Website/App

More detailed information about the operators can be found on these pages here. It is important to get a review of the operators before signing up for an account, and even more important to use our unique sign-up code to get a customized bonus when you sign up and deposit!

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Win your bets!

Whether you’re betting on the EPL champions or placing live bets on selected matches, you should enjoy the experience. Gambling should be fun overall and both mentally and financially rewarding.

These two factors can be achieved by:

  1. Choosing the right provider with the right sign-up bonus.
  2. Choosing markets that excite you and that you can analyze.

Good luck, and let us know in the comments which operators you choose!