Nunavut is a huge territory. In fact, you could fit Nunavut into the size of the rest of Canada! However, Nunavut has only 28,000 people living there. It’s the least populated province in all of Canada. Despite its lack of professional sports franchises or collegiate teams, you can still wager sports bets online. We will talk about some of the best options available for Nunavut online sports betting.

Is it Legal to Sports Bet in Nunavut?

Betting on sports is possible in Nunavut, although it’s important to check local laws. Online betting might be a convenient option for those who live in areas with long winters and poor weather conditions.

Nunavut Legal Online Betting

If you live in Nunavut and you like to bet on sports, there are two ways for you to do so. You can visit your local convenience store and place a bet with Sports Select, which is offered by the WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation). While this option is available in most communities across Nunavut, it has its drawbacks: the limited number of games and sports available and the odds vary considerably from online betting sites. Our advice is to visit an online sportsbook; not only does an online site offer a more extensive selection of games and sports, but it also has better odds because it doesn’t have operating costs associated with brick-and-mortar locations.

Is it OK and Safe to Bet on Apps in Nunavut?

It is totally legal to use apps on Android and iOS in Nunavut. The availability of sports betting apps in Nunavut varies, but many apps have versions of their sites embedded within them and often have additional features like streaming the games.

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Sports Betting in Nunavut – Are there Taxes?

You don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings when you gamble online in Canada. The government taxes people who earn most of their income from gambling, but it doesn’t consider you a professional gambler unless you make most of your money from betting.

Can You Wager on Single Games Legally?

Unfortunately, single-game sports betting is not yet legal in Nunavut. But things are expected to change, and the territory is due to allow single-game sports betting in the latter stages of 2022.

Is it OK and Safe to Bet with Bitcoin in Nunavut?

Yes, some sportsbooks accept Bitcoin transactions but not all. Although digital currency is an accepted form of payment at sportsbooks, some are yet to develop the functionality to accept it. We expect that over the next few years, most will have this functionality available, but for now, there are only a handful of sites accepting Bitcoin in their online operations. You can check out our betting guide for more articles on Bitcoin, depositing, and withdrawing from sportsbooks.