Identity theft is a growing crime that affects over 16 million Americans every year. It can occur when one shares payment information over the internet with an online merchant, including sportsbooks.

Avoiding identity theft begins with taking steps to protect yourself from the misuse of personal information, such as online credit card payments and giving out information over the phone. The next step involves choosing an online sportsbook that is trustworthy since fraudsters can pose as sportsbook employees or as representatives of your favorite sporting event.

Identity Theft: You Don’t Know the Half of It

Online identity theft is no different from the stealing of a wallet—with one exception: The stolen information in an identity theft case usually comes from the web.

Identity thieves use spyware to access either your desktop or mobile phone. Once installed, some spyware runs without detection, allowing the thief to monitor your every move and steal your most sensitive information.

In addition, if merchants are infected with spyware, thieves can gain access to your private information. Protecting yourself from spyware is simple, however.

Everything you need to do to keep your identity safe

If you have ever deposited or withdrew funds from an online sportsbook, you had to reveal sensitive information.

Here’s how to safeguard your identity.

Never Give Your Money To A Sportsbook That Has A History Of Not Paying Winners

Sportsbooks can lure bettors by offering bonuses and lines that might not be realistic, as we explained in our guide to spotting fraudulent sportsbooks…

Bad guys set up easy-to-spot traps for amateur bettors. They will take your money as well as your personal identity information.

Don’t Share Your Sportsbook Credential with Anyone.

Sharing your sportsbook log-in information is a major risk. Your identity can be stolen, and you can be held accountable for any money lost through unauthorized betting.

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Never Write Down Your Login Information

Third, never write down your username and password, even at home. This information has the potential to be stolen or discovered by another set of eyes.

Although the risk of this happening is negligible, keeping your personal information private is always a smart idea.

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Never Give Log-in Information to Your Sportsbook’s Customer Service Department

Sportsbooks that are not highly rated can sometimes have less-than-professional customer service representatives. The sportsbook probably isn’t trying to rip you off, as the sportsbook isn’t trying to establish a mutual feeling of trust with its clients; however, it might have employees who are untrustworthy.

Sportsbooks that are new to the industry might not hire as carefully as bigger ones with more experience leading to questionable characters integrating into the company.

One of the most common methods used by sportsbook employees to scam bettors is to ask them for their log-in information. This is something that you should refrain from doing at any time.

Do not disclose all your credit card details when verification is being verified.

Do not reveal all of your credit card information when you are verifying your identity with the sportsbook. As it is normally a process in which such information is required

Using a credit card on a sportsbook online could require your complete credit card information. Some sportsbooks may also ask for your whole credit card number again during withdrawal.

Please note that sportsbooks should be able to verify your card by using only the last four digits, expiration date, and account number. They should not need the 3-digit Card Security Code (CSC) or your name to verify your card.

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Make sure your Internet connection is reliable.

When using a sportsbook, it’s crucial to be using a safe and secure internet connection. Don’t gamble on sports using a public or shared Wi-Fi connection–a common method of computer hacking.

We recommend using an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the internet when using your own connection. The ethernet cable links your computer directly to the internet service provider and is the most secure type of connection available.

Configure your router’s security settings to require WPA encryption, change the default password, and customize your SSID name. These steps will make it difficult for intruders to access your network.

Stop Using The Same Password For All Of Your Online Accounts

Using unique passwords for each account that contains sensitive information online reduces the risk that an identity thief will be able to access such critical data.

In the event that a thief was to get access to your log-in credentials for one sports betting site, he would probably try to use the same password to log in to many other sports betting sites in an attempt to steal your money. If you have different passwords for all of your online accounts, it will make this type of activity more difficult for the thief.

Using a different Passcode for each of your sports betting accounts makes it more difficult for identity thieves to access your financial information; it is a more secure option than using the same password for all your accounts.

We recommend using LastPass for creating and storing unique passwords for all your online sportsbook accounts.

Always Log Out Of A Sports Betting Account To Ensure Your Safety

When you are finished betting for the day, log out of your sportsbook account. This ensures that only you, and not someone else who may have gained access to your account, can access your sensitive information and use it without your knowledge.

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When you place bets at internet kiosks or internet cafés, be sure to protect your accounts. You do not want anyone to discover your account passwords, so make sure to log out!

Take care of your identity and your profits!

The above strategies should be enough to keep you safe from any malicious online activity; however, never be overconfident and always be on your guard. The next step is to make sure your bankroll grows productively.

That guide will provide a solid grounding in the most effective strategies for long-term success in sports betting.

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