Parlays are bets that combine two or more individual bets on a single ticket. They can give you better odds of winning than placing a single bet on the same game.

Saturday’s Football Parlay 25/08 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 28 05 Mixed Leagues

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28/05 – Reasoning Tip

Philadelphia Union have been the class of Major League Soccer so far this season, and with odds against New England Revolution looking too good to pass up, it’s worth putting some money down on them. Real Salt Lake haven’t lost to Houston Dynamo in their last five meetings, so they should be considered the favorites going into Saturday’s game. CF Montreal from Canada always perform well at home, and if you’re looking for an underdog to back, they’re worth considering.

Sunday’s Football Parlay 24/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 24 04 Mixed Leagues

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24/04 – Reasoning Tip

Chelsea should regain their earlier form after a poor performance last week. West Ham will put up a good fight, but Chelsea’s superior fitness from the hard-fought match last weekend should lead to a comfortable victory. Pacific will defeat the HFX Wanderers, as Pacific have been very strong in previous CPL seasons. Austin has looked quite impressive in recent weeks, and I predict that they will defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps to continue their strong start to the season.

Saturday’s Football Parlay 23/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 23 04 Mixed Leagues

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23/04 – Reasoning Tip

The Arsenal and the Manchester United teams are playing each other today. Arsenal need a win to stay on top of their European competition, while a loss would no doubt be a major setback for them. Meanwhile Manchester United is having trouble scoring, so I don’t see much chance that they’ll get back into the game.

Today’s Football Parlay 17/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 17 04 Mixed Leagues LivescoreExpress

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17/04 – Reasoning Tip

Leicester has the upper hand playing at Newcastle, but the fact that Newcastle’s play is improving takes away from Leicester’s advantage. West Ham has had a good record against Burnley in recent history, and they should continue that trend today. The New York Red Bulls have been playing solid so far this season and are favored to beat FC Dallas at home.

Today’s Football Parlay 16/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 16 04 Mixed Leagues LivescoreExpress

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16/04 – Reasoning Tip

The MLS pits Montreal Impact against the Vancouver Whitecaps in a match-up between two Canadian clubs. Montreal are clear favorites, but for sports betting purposes, this game is expected to be tighter than expected. Brentford FC are favored to beat Watford FC, but given their recent form, they should have no trouble dispatching the home side. Tottenham Hotspur are expected to continue their winning ways when they host Brighton & Hove Albion at home.

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Today’s Football Parlay 10/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 10 04 Mixed Leagues

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10/04 – Reasoning Tip

The MLS season is underway, and teams have started out with an unpredictable air about them. The LA Derby brings together two sides looking to win, and definitely will both be scoring Sunday. Real Salt Lake, I thought would be one of the best sides this season is currently 4th in the Western conference. They play against Toronto FC. Despite a disappointing result last weekend from Toronto, I’ll be expecting them to get a win from this game. A super anticipated game will be Man City vs Liverpool as they aim for early top spots in the EPL.

Today’s Football Parlay 09/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 09 04 Mixed Leagues

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09/04 – Reasoning Tip

The favourites in these fixtures should have no problem with finding the net, with Tottenham, PSG, Juventus, and Villarreal all showing so far this season. Other than Clermont none of these sides they are going against find themselves in a relegation battle, with most of them being firmly placed in mid-table in their respected leagues. One thing is for sure is we expect to see goals and lots of them in all these fixtures.

What is a Soccer Parlay Bet?

Parlay bets are a mix of two or more markets. Depending on the size and number of teams involved in the game, they add up to a large total amount and have a wide range of possible outcomes.

When creating a parlay, you have to pick each team in your parlay to win (or lose) individually. If any of your picks lose, the entire parlay loses, and you receive no money. The more dependent your bet is on multiple matches, the greater its chances of failure. If a single line fails in a parlay, the entire bet could be lost.

The success of parlay betting is dependent on the excitement you feel as each game unfolds and your bets are paid out in green ticks.

Benefits and Advantages of placing a Parlay Bet

Parlay bets offer more value than just a straight-up win. A parlay bet teaches you many different aspects of sports betting as you are looking for multiple lines to add together. Perhaps the best part of parlay betting is the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about teams and leagues. You might not know much about the Sierra Leone women’s soccer team, but constructing a parlay bet on that squad can make you into an expert on them very quickly.

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Parlay bets can be an excellent way to boost your betting IQ, as they require an understanding of team and league performance. A simple way to start parlaying is by betting on Forge FC as a favorite and Pacific FC as a side bet. This multiplies the odds and can mean greater returns than a single-line bet.

When betting on a single line, you may be missing out on potential rewards by not considering other options. By combining the favorites for a given match, you add to your potential winnings.

Strategy to use the Parlay Bets

Parlay betting is ultimately a game of greed. People who parlay bet are more likely to lose money because they do not understand that they increase their risk of losing by continuously selecting the same teams.

A heavy favorite winning has victimized many bettors by a score of 1-0 in the 90th minute of an important match. Experts recommend betting on major European leagues to avoid heartbreak to enhance the value of a bet and its likelihood of success.

The best strategies are simple ones based on basic probability. Betting on the likely events in a game with Liverpool at home to a lesser opponent is more likely to pay off than placing bets on wagers for team stats or individual player stats.

How to work out Parlay Odds?

Parlaying just means placing a bet on more than one game. The odds are multiplied by the number of bets. If you have four games at 1.50, 1.40, 1.50 and 1.30 the metrics are 1.50 x 1.40 x 1.50 x 1.30 = 4.09 for your wager to win.’

When you place a $100 bet and it returns $409, the odds of winning are not in your favour. The bookmaker’s goal is to attract people who want to take a risk and make money for themselves.

When do we publish our Match Previous, Predictions and Tips?

Our tips for the game are available on our website. You will also find links to our free daily tips, expert opinions, and information that supports the tip for the game. You can receive these tips via email or view them online. All of our matches can be found in detail on the website for you to peruse at your leisure.

What are the best Sports Betting sites to place Parlays?


Betway has one of the most user-friendly websites available in Canada. With a large selection of bet types and fast lines, it’s no wonder they are among the top bookmakers on the market. No matter where you live, Betway is able to provide wagering opportunities and live streams that cater to your needs.

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Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction t is a professional online bookmaker. Even though the website looks a little dated, you’ll find that SI offers the best odds available for soccer betting. We found an impressive range of bets offered by Sports Interaction, with some very interesting wagers.

Opening lines are usually more generous than some of the other operators, whilst in-play live betting is also decent in comparison with others. If you’re “hunting” for the great possible odds then Sports Interaction is definitely worth a stop.

William Hill:

William Hill offers the most betting lines on soccer in major competitions from around the world. The site layout is rather clunky and navigating it can be a bit tricky for novice players, but experienced bettors will find plenty of value at William Hill, especially when it comes to prop bets.

We enjoy using William Hill, who open their lines pretty early in the major leagues although slower than most on the more obscure Soccerl leagues. If you are hoping to place a high odds parlay, WH will undoubtedly have some of the best value odds in the space. Check out the William Hill review here